About 3xwilhelmsen.dk

The company 3xwilhelmsen.dk is a medium-sized transport company, based in Jutland (Lystrup close to Aarhus).

We deal with everything within distribution, courier service and warehouse solutions.

Our fleet

In our fleet, we currently have only new vans, which spans from small courier vehicles to 8 pallets refrigerated vans . Our vans are equipped with the latest technology, we have gps trackers in all vans, temperature loggers in our refrigerated vans and we accept credit card in all vans .
We take pride in complying with all deadlines, and we always treat all goods as our own. With our advanced tasking system, we can eliminate all the small errors that often come and your goods can always be tracked through our track and trace system.

We offer

At 3xwilhelmsen.dk we believe that a transport concept should be forward-looking, so we have chosen to offer the customer any kind of transportation so if you need a package to New York tomorrow or a package to Randers, everything can be done do here. Therefore, with pride, we can say that we can always solve any transport problem and follow it to the door in any case.

We can achieve this by setting the same high standards for our collaborators as we do for ourselves, and today we can offer some of Denmark’s best prices for both courier service and smaller or larger distribution assignments.

Contact us today for a non-binding meeting about your transport needs, we can save you money every single day.

+45 92909030info@3xw.nu