Transport Conditions

All transports are carried out according to the following transport conditions.

The stated price is from ground floor to  ground floor if otherwise not agreed. The price also requires that loading / unloading assistance is available if the goods weigh more than 50 kg

If you want assistance  from a flat property or 1 plan house, this costs 125, – per item.

All goods has to be properly packed by the sender unless otherwise agreed. We have 30 moving carpets in the car and can pack most with that.

The stated price includes VAT, bridge tax, insurance, unloading and loading, but not ferry or any other surcharge to non-permanent islands..

The stated price includes 15 minutes of waiting time. If there is significantly more waiting time, this will be billed at 7 kroner per minute

Your goods is as standard insured for up to 15,000 per item. This applies to all normal transportations performs.

Increased insurance sum can be chosen when booking a trip. The price of this is 100, – per transport and then we can insure your transport for up to 80,000 kr

If you wish to calculate your price for a new transport task, this can be done with our price calculator

We currently accept mobilepay and cash at either sender or receiver. In addition, it is possible to pay online.

Please note, however, that the driver only has a cash change of up to 100, – and therefore you need equal money when we arrive.

An SMS will be sent 30 minutes before arrival at the address. In addition, on your order confirmation, we have provided the date and time for pickup and delivery (2 hour intervals)

Companies with a cvr number can instead of paying immediately choose to receive an invoice that arrives on the email the day after the transport is completed. Our payment terms are 7 days net.

In addition, they can create an account at if the account exceeds 10,000, – per month. transport and only promises to keep our furniture storage insured against fire and theft. The stored goods is NOT insured by the company. If you have insurances, you should ALSO inform your insurance company of our storage address, which is knudlundvej 1 port 9g them

Our cargo insurance does not cover mirrors, live animals, cash and other values.

In case of damage caused by transport, it must be reported to within 48 hours, after 48 hours no compensation may be claimed.

An injury that occurs in connection with loading / unloading of goods where the customer himself helps, must be covered by the customer’s insurances.

Damage to buildings / goods in warehouses and private homes must be reported to immediately. Damage to inventory / goods that is not prepared for relocation is done at the customer’s own expense

Due to the work ministry, we are not allowed to take off our safety shoes on delivery. Therefore, as a customer, you must ensure that the access road is cleared and, if necessary, put plastic on delicate floors and blankets.

An invalid trip is invoiced with the number of used hours, minimum 406.50 kr including vat.

If the quantity exceeds the amount stated in your order, we reserve the right to set the price thereafter. You will always be informed of the price if this should be the case.

We reserve the right to make any mistakes on our price calculator and on the website in general.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the above Transport Terms