When time matters

Courier service

With our courier service, we can always assist you with your time-critical transportation needs, both in Denmark and Europe

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High Class storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Transparent prices and safe storage

3xwilhelmsen.dk offers great logistics and storage solutions, for both Business and Private customers. We currently have 1250 square meters high class warehouses divided into 2 locations.

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Private customers

Our private transport solution  is aimed at private customers who needs their goods delivered  between 12 and 22 on weekdays.

We collect goods at for example  lauritz.com and other auction houses and deliver it at you at prices where everyone can join.

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transport udland 3xwilhelmsen.dk

Same Day delivery in multiple major cities in Denmark

3xw Same day Solution

3xwilhelmsen.dk offers Same day deliveries between several major Danish cities every day.

With 5 weekly departures from Aarhus to Copenhagen since 2006, we know the route really well.

We serve all of Central Jutland with same day delivery and large parts of Zealand

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sammedags levering og transport silkeborg midtjylland