Environmental policy for 3xwilhelmsen.dk

As a responsible company, we at 3xwilhelmsen.dk will always do our best to protect the environment in the best possible way.

A modern transport company must, as a rule, have a good environmental policy, where even the smallest things count.

We have streamlined our environmental policies for the past 6 years, and we continue to improve and optimize our policies everyday

Miljøpolitik 3xwilhelmsen.dk

3xwilhelmsen.dk has introduced the following environmental standarts:

  • All of our vans are either Euro 5 or Euro 6. By the end of 2018, all vans will be Euro 6.
  • In 2010, we introduced our paperless invoicing system, which to date has saved us over 20,000 pieces of A4 paper.

  • In 2013, we introduced automatic lights in our warehouses

  • Our it department has been outsourced and everything is today in the cloud.

  • Our vans will never drive empty kilometers.
  • We collect goods from multiple customers at once through our joint service and can therefore save on CO2 by having fewer cars on the roads.

  • In 2014, our staff went over to use a tablet where all the day’s tasks are on. Therefore, today’s tasks today are paperless.
  • Our invoicing system is today in the cloud.
  • All packages from firmaalager.dk and boxplus will be packed in recycled boxes.

If you have questions about our environmental policies or how we use them in our daily work, please feel free to contact us.